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无所畏惧 en Cuevana 3. Luo Yingwei used to be a staff member of the government, and passed the judicial examination by self-studying the law. However, she suffered a blow: her husband Liu Ming broke up with her, and Liu Ming owed a huge amount of usury in China, which made Luo Yingwei deeply involved in a debt crisis. But Luo Yingwei did not give up, she chose to fight back with legal means. As a newcomer to the law firm, Luo Yingwei is burdened with huge debts on one hand and faces pressure in the workplace on the other. Fortunately, she met like-minded partners - Qiu Hua and Xia Shu. They always adhere to their faith in the law and uphold justice. Together, they witness the diversity of human nature and the warmth of society through different cases.

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